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For LCM Laser Capture Microdissection

or micro-manipulator picking

Immunofluorescence detection kit for human spermatozoa from sexual assault evidence
Two fluorescent dyes: nuclear (non-specific) + sperm (specific)

SPERM HY-LITER™ PI – CF488 and Propidium Iodide
Designed for sperm isolation using LCM* or aureka® or cell sorting.
Brightest signal, 30 min incubation steps.

  • No interference with autofluorescence from membrane slides
  • Different nuclear stain: Propidium Iodide
  • Avoids UV damage – avoids interference with PEN and PET LCM membranes
  • Better signal for non-coverslipped slides: brighter sperm heads
  • Dyes do not interfere with downstream DNA-STR analysis

*LCM is a method for isolating specific cells of interest from microscopic regions of tissue/cells/organisms (dissection on a microscopic scale with the help of a laser).

The ZEISS PALM CombiSystem combines laser microdissection with optical trapping.
For laser microdissection mark an element on your screen and then start the laser to separate it from unwanted tissue. A targeted laser pulse will ‚catapult‘ your element upwards and contact-free into a collection vessel for further analysis.

The microsampling platform aureka® is a unique system using the MikroDip method.
The micromanipulators are integrated by default in the ZEISS Axio.ZoomV16.
The microsphere handling is realized via a gripper with adapted tips, which is guided by the manipulator.

cat number #7402 with 50 stains per kit

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