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  • Reads all kinds of RSID strips and documents the results of the testing
  • Standardizes RSID-test strip results
  • Eliminates uncertainty from reading test strips
  • Stores all data in the RSID-READER memory including results and captured images, until they are downloaded to your computer
  • Exports data from the Reader to the free Data Manager Software

RSID-Reader cat number #RR-007-3 comes with free data manger software

• Import/browse Data: Import test results from the RSID READER
or browse to view other stored results.
• View results: View details of tests imported from the RSID READER.
• Export data options: Export your data into an excel document
• Settings: Customize your Data Manager experience
• Unit status: Send a diagnostic report when trouble-shooting
• Print reports for documentation
• Export/print to PDF

Galantos /IFI – RSIDReader
RSID Reader
RSID – Reader Galantos / IFI

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