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Sperm-HY-LITER Microscope

Galantos Genetics is official SILVER-Partner of ZEISS and official distributor for ZEISS microscopes.

Our Microscope -HY-LITER Express package:
NEW: Axiolab 5 TL/FL, 6xH DIC encoded


  • Filter 01 with reflector module EX BP 365/12, BS FT 395, EM LP 397
  • Filter 44 FITC special, shift free EX BP 475/40, BS FT 500, EM BP 530/50
  • Solid-State light source Colibri 3, GB-UV 3-channel for Sperm-HY-LITER
  • Binocular phototube 30°/23 (100:0/0:100), camera port with interface 60N
  • Objectives N-Achroplan 10x/0,25 Ph1 M27+ 20x/0,45 Ph2 M27+40x/0,65 Ph2 M27
  • Condenser, achromatic-aplanatic 0.9 H D Ph DIC
  • Illuminator HXP 120 V (D), lamp module & infrared filter
  • Fluorescence light source with CAN connection etc. ready to use with Sperm-HY-LITER

Sperm-HY-LITER Microscope starting price with light source ~ 19.000 €

ZEN-lite software
for your PC or tablet, works with Apple and Windows tablets
ZEN – Software lite version available for free

ZEISS Camera
Axiocam 208 color starting price ~ 1800 €

Microscope Training:
Together with our partner OptoSys-GmbH in Darmstadt we offer microscope trainings and courses;
we help to upgrade old microscopes and to implement the Sperm-HY-LITER technology into your
daily workflow. Training/course / implementation ~ ask for offers

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