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HY-LITER Express

Immunofluorescence detection kit for human spermatozoa from sexual assault evidence
Two fluorescent dyes: nuclear (non-specific) + sperm (specific)

Sperm: CF488 green / Nuclei: DAPI blue
STR Profile

HY-LITER EXPRESS staining time reduced to ~60 minutes

  • Positive identification of sperm
  • Meets new audit standards for evidence preservation
  • Microscopic screening of sperm
  • Human specific – monoclonal antibody-based
  • Fluorescent detection – debris does not interfere

Step 1: Attach cells to slide – 5 min incubation
Step 2: Sample preparation – 15 min incubation
Step 3: Blocking – 15 min incubation
Step 4: Labeling and staining – 15 min incubation
Step 5: Mounting & cover slip (optional) – 20 min

  • Fast staining time: Staining time reduced to ~60 minutes
  • Simple staining technique: quick fixation,
  • sample preparation, block, stain – coverslip and visualize
  • Unique specificity: only human sperm heads are identified
  • Confirmation steps: nuclear staining with DAPI
  • Sensitivity: identify a single spermatozoa on a slide in less
  • than 2 minutes (smear or extract slides)
  • Brighter signal than normal HY-LITER version:
  • better fluorophore – brighter sperm heads

cat number #7302 with 50 stains per kit


7301Small SPERM HY-LITER reagents for staining 26, 11 mm wells or 50, 8mm wells
7302Medium SPERM HY-LITER reagents for staining 50, 11 mm wells or 100, 8mm wells
7303Large SPERM HY-LITER reagents for staining 150, 11 mm wells or 300, 8mm wells
7302-SOSSPERM HY-LITER SOS – New Solution Staining Kit with International DTT, Stain 50 slides
7303PSPERM HY-LITER EXPRESS Large Kit w/ DTT, choice of slides and storage boxes

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