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SPERM HY-LITER SOS / In Solution Staining

  • Stain in 20 minutes, stain in tube
  • Spin down (3 minutes) and add to slide
  • Search for sperm
  • Includes required DTT
  • Complete fluorescent staining kit for sexual assault evidence

Stained slides must be visualized using a fluorescence microscope fitted with appropriate filters. Cell nuclei, including epithelial and sperm, can be visualized using DAPI-compatible filters. Human sperm heads can be visualized using fluorescein or Alexa 488 compatible filters.

Sperm-HY-LITER Express-SOS
cat number #7302-SOS with 50 stains per kit

Sperm cells in solution are significantly more sensitive to DTT relative to sperm stained on slides.
Accurate concentrations and incubation times are particularly important in the SOS technique.

Preparation of extracts:

Extract swab or fabric cutting in 1.7 ml microcentrifuge tube in 0.5 ml of PBS. Incubate on bench top for 1-2 hrs with occasional mixing.
Recover cells using Spin basket: transfer the soaked swab head or fabric cutting into a spin basket, place the basket with the substrate into its same 1.7 ml tube. Centrifuge for 5 minutes. Carefully remove supernatant from cell pellet . For staining, use 10-20 μl of resuspended cell pellet for staining in solution.

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