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Galantos HEParanase Assay:

a convenient screening and research tool

product not available 20.03.2015

Galantos Genetics GmbH provides a proprietary heparanase assay which rapidly produces high quality results and can be used for heparanase inhibitor scree-ning and for monitoring of heparanase enzyme activity in tissues or liquids.


Assay Features :

  • Robust and amenable to HTS
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Easy protocol and handling
  • Fast (results within 3 hrs)
  • Small scale (down to 20 µl reaction volume)
  • No radioactivity
  • Inexpensive

Important Applications and Research Areas

  • CANCER - Invasion and metastasis
  • INFLAMMATION - Acute and chronic inflammation
  • NEPHROPATHIES - Diabetic nephropathy
    - Chronic glomerulonephritis
  • ANGIOGENESIS - Tumor neo-angiogenesis
  • WOUND REPAIR - Tissue remodelling
    - Angiogenesis

Assay principle

The proprietary GALANTOS heparanase assay is based on the high affinity binding of a labeled heparan sulfate (HS) substrate to an immobilized heparan sulfate bin-ding protein (HS-BP). Cleavage of the substrate HS by the enzyme heparanase abolishes its binding to the HS-BP, that was immobilized to the surface of a microplate.

Assay accuracy

CV values (intra-assay) are in the range of 2-3 % for manually per-formed assays and < 2 % for automated assays.

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