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We are the RSID & Sperm HY-Liter Specialist

New look for our RSID Kits

Our RSID Tests for Semen, Saliva, Blood and Urine are now color coded

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What We Do

We are specialists in Forensics

Galantos DNA Labor für Vaterschaftest und Forensik

Our Products


Sperm HY-LITER Express

Fluorescent Staining Kit. See what you have been missing. Specific for Human Sperm Heads. Fluorescent Tagged Mouse Moncl. Antibody. Outstanding Signal / Noise. Stain Over KPIC. Stain Smear Slides / Stain Extracts

RSID Blood Semen Saliva Urine Test


Rapid Stain Identification. Immunochromatographic Lateral Flow Strip Test. The new Rapid Stain Identification (RSID)Series is designed for fast, easy and reliable detection of human fluids from a variety of samples encountered by forensic laboratories

NEWUniversal Buffer One Extract ⇒ three Results


You need an offer for a ZEISS microscope? Galantos is official ZEISS Silver Partner. Galantos Genetics is now been awarded „SILVER status“ by Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH as authorized Zeiss partner. Our team would be happy to support and advise you. Interested in ZEISS products ? Call us for miscroscope offers Tel. +49-6131-720620



Newest Method for PCR Recovery Kit.


In solution staining.

Ademtech Magnet Beads


NEW: Magnetic Beads Technolgy: DNAdem-Kit and the Crime Prep Kit.

Reasons for Galantos

  • Accredited German laboratory
  • Certifications on a regular basis
  • Extensive consulting & support
  • Secure analyses based on the dual control principle
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Zeiss Galantos Forensik

Objective Documentation

with our new RSID-Reader

Scanning System for RSID strips. The RSID-Reader provides an easy method to objectively read, store and analyze results from RSID-strips.The Reader can be used for: Urine, Semen, Saliva and Blood

RSID Reader Galantos